Succession Planning

 Intended for:

Human Resource Managers, Operational Managers, Training Managers and Trainers

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost per Delegate :  FREE

Training Course Contents:

The training materials used are clear, precise and to the point. They also include a special handout for participants to take away key information.

It’s not always easy for business leaders and human resources professionals to identify business critical roles – roles that can significantly impact an organisation’s strategy, execution, customer satisfaction and profitability.

 When performed well, critical roles create a long-term competitive advantage, making it essential for business leaders to ensure that the right talent and successors are in place for critical jobs. This is when Succession Planning is critical !!

Using the 9 Box Talent Model in Succession Planning focuses on those that require development – the development of individuals perceived to be High Potential.

By assessing positions and potential successors, organisations can more strongly support their high potential employees, as they build accelerated succession development plans.

This FREE training course provides you with this very opportunity!

Key Points of this 2 hour training course materials:

  1. Identify the critical roles to ensure your organisation drives forward

Strategic roles, Core roles and Supporting roles.

  1. Consider the people within the organisation

Using their current performance v potential.

  1. Recognise the mapping process of the 9 box talent model

Initially focussing on A1, A2 and B1

  1. Complete your 9 box talent model mapping, against your organisation

Individuals mapped as your future talent to be developed or ready now!


At this end of this 1 hour, ‘Succession Planning’ training course your participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the critical roles within your organisation.
  • Recognise various candidates within the organisation.
  • Distinguish the workings of the 9 box talent model.
  • Complete your 9 box talent model mapping, against your organisation.

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